DIY: Etched Polka Dot Shot Glasses

I thought that we should kick off the New Year continuing to celebrate with some easy etched shot glasses! We celebrated NYE with a small gathering at our house, then New Years Day with a delicious family dinner, and before I knew it, it was the weekend again. How great is that?

I etched my shot glasses with polka dots, but you could do any pattern or design you can stencil on there. Here's what you'll need:

Etching cream (which can be found in your local craft store), a paint brush, plain glass shot glasses, and circle reinforcement stickers.

You'll be using the reinforcement stickers as a stencil for your polka dots, so cover each shot glass in stickers. Make sure you push each one down completely so the cream can't seep underneath. Also, keep in mind that your polka dots will only be the size of the center of the sticker, so you may need to add a few extras.

Once your stickers are down, paint the center of each with an even layer of etching cream. It dries fairly quickly, so once you go all the way around one shot glass, you can go ahead and add another coat. Do three coats total. Let dry completely. 

After the cream has dried completely, remove the stickers and discard. To remove the dried cream and complete the etching, I followed the directions on the back of the bottle. Run each shot glass under warm water, rubbing away the cream with a sponge. This is going to seem like you are undoing everything you just did, but don't fret! Once the glasses dry, you will see that they are etched with small polka dots that are smooth and slightly translucent. 

Now you are all set for your next party! I made sure to run mine through the dishwasher before I used them. They're very subtle, but still pretty fun. I have a set of about 15 plain shot glasses, so you better bet I'll be etching all kinds of patterns into the rest of them!

Happy celebrating!