DIY: Emoji Shoes

I like to think that my emoji game is strong. I'm not good at making coherent sentence using them, but since I downloaded the emoji keyboard I don't think there has been a day when I haven't used at least one. I have my favorites, as everyone does. My friend and I were the emoji twins for Halloween last year. I've purchased emoji stickers on several occasions and given them out around the office. I judge people who don't use them. I'm in for the emoji long haul.

This is one of those DIYs that just bops into your brain when you're laying in bed and just won't go away. Like a lot of my DIYs, super easy and simple. I had a lot of the materials taking up space in my craft cabinet. I had these extra flats sitting in a pile of shoes that were cute, but not cute enough to wear because they were so uncomfortable. You know what's going to make these worth wear? Heart-eye emojis on the front. SOLD.

Do you not have a life where you need heart-eye emoji shoes? Then who even are you?

You'll need: a pair of fabric shoes; red, yellow, and black felt; scissors; and fabric tac.

First you'll need to cut your pieces. Cut two yellow squares that are about the same size as the front of your shoes, four red squares that are about a quarter of the size of the yellow squares, and two black rectangles that are about half the size of the yellow squares.

Trim the yellow squares into circles make sure they fit nicely on the front of your shoes. Then fold each red square in half and make it into a heart (just like making heart valentines in grade school). Place the heart eyes onto the yellow circle and trim accordingly.

Trim the black rectangle into a mouth and again, lay it onto the face and trim accordingly.

Use fabric tac to attach the pieces to the face. Make sure to apply an even thin coat of tac and once you place the eyes and mouth, adjust spacing accordingly and quickly. Let dry for 15 minutes until you apply another coat of tac onto the back of the face and glue them to the front of the shoes. You'll need a little more glue for this than doing the smaller pieces. Press the faces down and let dry fully before wearing them. Follow the drying directions on your tac!

I've worn my shoes two or three times and the faces seem to stay put quite well. Just try not to wear them when the weather is bad or it's raining (obviously).