DIY: Chocolate Covered Pretzel Valentine in a Jar

Because Tim and I's anniversary is so close to Valentine's Day, we don't usually exchange anything too big or elaborate on February 14. But, I wanted to make a little something special for us to enjoy and I thought chocolate covered pretzel would fit the bill perfectly. Easy to make, and can be stacked in a mason jar for a cute and practical gift. And I was able to use up a bit of the craft odds and ends I have laying around. 

This is one of those projects that can be changed and customized by whatever you have on hand. For mine, I used some scrap fabric, a mason jar, washi tape, assorted ribbons, a leftover pom pom, and some cardstock and a sharpie for the tag. Also, something sweet and chocolately to fill your jar with!

Pretzel Valentine Jar 2.jpg

Clean your jar and fill it with some sweet treats. I made some chocolate covered pretzels with heart sprinkles. Very festive. 

Take the center part of the lid and use that to cut your fabric. You'll want it to be a square that's about an inch bigger than the lid. To attach the fabric, place the center circle down, then the fabric, and then the outside rim to hold the fabric in place.

Add your decorations! I wrapped some heart washi tape around the jar, and tied some gold ribbon above that. Then I used some red Christmas ribbon to attach a pom pom and a handwritten tag around the neck of the jar. And that's it! Simple and handmade Valentines.