DIY: Bold Front Door

I haven't lived in an actual house since I lived in my parents house several years ago. And though I've loved all the apartments I've lived in for one reason or another, I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited to rent a whole house. No having to buzz people in. No having to park and then walk groceries up flights of stairs. No sharing laundry facilities. I get to have a basement and a backyard. And, in a weird way, I was excited to have a front door. A front door that I could paint and hope that my landlord doesn't hate me too much for. 

Here's what my house looked like when I moved in. I live in a rowhome in Philadelphia so I have a house on either side of me, with two windows in the front. I know it isn't for everyone, but I happen to think my little house is pretty cute from the front. But that front door was filthy dirty and really needed a new coat of paint, regardless of the color. Figuring out the door color was the hardest part. I wanted something that was bold, but also wouldn't be completely awful to cover when I needed to repaint over it when I move out. I also wanted it to be bold, but didn't want it to be so weird that my neighbors hate me for having to look at it. I also wanted it to be a color that would compliment the brick, which means I couldn't have the hot pink door of my dreams.

So here we are! Halfway through painting the door I thought I had made a terrible mistake. It seemed really bedroom-y and not as bright as I had hoped. But once I finished the first coat and stepped back, I loved it. I used Valspar Exterior Paint in Aqua Quartz and I think it really makes my house pop without being too obnoxious. Mission accomplished! <3