Disney Vacation

Almost two months ago, Tim and I were in Disney World for vacation with his family. I can't believe it is taking me this long to share these photos. I think it was culling them to find the best ones that turned me off from putting this together. But I'm so thrilled that I am looking back on this! Our trip to Disney was the first actual vacation that Tim and I have taken (with a hotel room and not with a group of high school children we were teaching). Though I was worried about traveling with his two young nephews, it ended up being a great trip and left me wondering when Tim and I would be able to return to Disney again (but maybe just the two of us.)

Disney World is really a fabulous place. Since Tim and I don't have children and don't really care to be in places that have tons of children, I was a little worried that everything would be so "kid friendly" that I would lose my mind. That wasn't the case at all. There is so much to do, so many different places to eat, and so much...space...that you can be around as many—or in our case, as few—children as you want. We had some lovely family time, but also a whole lot of us time, which was great.

Along with all the normal Disney World things, we also rented a car to journey to Winter Park, FL, where Tim went to college and lived during that time. We got to see his campus, old apartment, walk around Winter Park, had dinner with one of his college friends, and stop into Rifle Paper Co.'s flagship store. I geeked out quite a bit, but I think I handled myself pretty well. (Disclaimer: that's a complete lie. I don't think I was very composed. I was giddy...)

All in all, a great trip. And I think I've got the travel bug for 2014.