Decorate: Fruity Pebbles Cupcake Topping

For 2014, I wanted to start a new column here featuring different simple ways to decorate cupcakes. These ideas will work for cupcakes from scratch, fancying up boxed cupcakes, or even store bought. I think that even the simplest decorations can really make a splash at a party or even just as dessert after a family meal. I love decorating cupcakes and hopefully some of these easy peasy decorations will inspire you. But now on to these fun toppings...

To make these fun rainbow-colored cupcakes, apply a heavy amount of frosting onto each cupcake. You'll want a frosting that is thick and will hold the cereal well. Place the frosted cupcake in a small bowl and apply handfuls of cereal to the frosting. Place one hand against the side of the cupcake (where the lining ends) and roll your handful of cereal up onto the frosting, lightly press the cereal down. You want the entire frosting covered. Once done, top with a little washi tape wrapped around a toothpick or shorten bamboo skewer and cut into a flag. Cute!

Fruity Pebbles Cupcakes 4.jpg

These would be great as a topping for some Funfetti Cupcakes and so cute for a child's birthday. Or maybe even a topping for some tie dyed cupcakes, which were all the rage like 2 years ago. Very simple, but also very, very fun.