Rituals: Buy Some Flowers

Every other week or so, I leave my office on my lunch break and buy myself flowers. Sometimes it's a couple different bunches, sometimes it's just a couple sunflowers. I bring them home, spend 10 minutes or so cutting them down to the right size and attempting to "arrange" them. Arranging flowers is absolutely not my strong suit. Hang a shelf, bake you donuts, or decorate something with confetti? DONE. Arrange a vase full of flowers that doesn't look like a mess? NOT SO MUCH. But, regardless, each week I buy some flowers for myself, arrange them, and sit them in my kitchen. 

This week when I ran to Trader Joe's to pick up some flowers I started thinking about why I do this little thing for myself each week. 75% of the time no one sees them but me. Depending on the flowers, sometimes I have to hide them on a high shelf in my kitchen so the cat doesn't get at them. 50% of the time I forget to change the water and they die in a couple days. But for me, it's become a ritual. I buy myself some flowers, and it's a tiny little thing that makes me smile when I come downstairs in the morning. I don't believe that you need someone to give you flowers to feel good. And for me, it's just a tiny bit of extra effort into treating myself. Because everyone deserves to make their lives beautiful. And flowers can only aid in that pursuit.

Treat yo' self.

An Ode to the Bath

I have a confession to make. I hated baths for as long as I can remember.

Part of it is that being 5'8", I'm quite tall for most normal-sized bathtubs. I can't stretch out. My legs are always out of the water and getting cold. I feel cramped and could never get completely comfortable and therefore, can't relax enough. Plus, my skin is on the sensitive and dry side and most bubble baths or bathsalts leave my skin feeling like I need to wash off and then I'm incredibly dry and itchy.

The other issue is a body confidence issue. I've never been the biggest fan of my body. Like most young adults I focused on flaws and sitting in a bathtub for an hour looking down at myself wasn't helping that situation. I was uncomfortable with myself and not proud with what I was looking at. I also got bored rather quickly, so that didn't help either.

BUT in the past couple of months, I've changed my feelings. I discovered LUSH bath products and feel in love. I'm aware that I'm pretty late to the boat on LUSH, but I can't speak more highly of them. They're fun and smell incredible. The stores are beautiful and the sales associates are sweet and helpful. Their bath and bubble bombs don't leave my skin feeling dry or like I need to wash off afterwards. I'm in love. 

The other thing that's change the way I take baths is setting myself up to relax. I grab my iPad and a Bluetooth speaker and put on a good movie from Netflix or HBOgo. I light a candle and turn the lights low. Sometimes I paint my nails. I grab a book and a glass of wine or some tea and I relax. If I have a lot going on in my brain, I let myself think through things. If I need to calm down and de-stress I let myself do that. I provide myself the opportunity to actually relax and pamper myself for an hour or two.

It's been a complete gamechanger for me. 

**This is not a sponsored post. LUSH has no idea who I am. I'm just a loving fan.