Lately in Instagram

Things have been going along pretty well these days. Been crafting and baking away recently and all of a sudden, September is almost over. T's birthday is coming up next week and I have a full weekend ahead of me....Off to the city tonight for some Fringe shows, flea market tomorrow morning then spending the rest of the day prepping for T's party. But Sunday is my relax day.

From left: Audrey enjoying a new box; both cats on the couch; one of my fav thrift stores; sewing a pillow cover (check back for DIY!); soup, super nintendo, and a kitty; Abbey playing dead; behind our apartments; my first scarf of fall; new shoes; Audrey doing a great job of guarding some vintage sheets; our coffee table, in parts; Abbey; giant plate of snickerdoodles (check back for recipe!); first pumpkin spice latte of fall; me at work; a giant trip to the craft store; Abbey hanging out in my newly made wreath (check back for DIY!); AND applesauce cupcakes to be on the blog tomorrow! Whew...that was a lot!

Two Weeks in Instagram

This isn't much of an update I've been neglecting Instagram a bit since I've been busy with little things that don't seem interesting enough for Instagram. I don't think anyone needs to see pictures of emptying boxes and making dinner. But I spent most of last week down the shore with my parents while T was at drum camp and this week has kind of been a blur. I can't really tell you what I've spent my nights doing, because I can't really remember. Odd, huh?

But 7 hours until the weekend, and I want to celebrate it!

From left: My mom & I's ferry tickets for outlet shopping, grapefruit martinis, beach in Wildwood Crest, Sand & Boardwalk, Pina Colada in a pouch, Abbey!, T hung this picture shelf while I was at work, Abbey & T=BFF, My car had a birthday, Regal Abbey, Morning walk to the car, & my new beautiful typewriter.

Product Review: Stickygrams

I'm not sure how I discovered Stickygram, but when I did, I knew I wanted them. I love taking photos and having my iPhone with me at all times means that I capture a lot of moments on my phone rather than my DSLR. I'm also a big fan of Instagram and use it constantly (follow me @dcampeggio). When we moved, I knew I wanted these photo magnets for our fridge.

I have to say, ordering from them was a lovely experience. Super easy to use and they came in the mail only a few days later. I also think their logo, website, and blog are designed really well and reflect a fun, playful persona. $14.99+free shipping for nine magnets, so the price is very decent as well.

My biggest concern before ordering was that they wouldn't be strong enough to actually hold anything on the fridge. But I was wrong and they are fully functional. I honestly love this product. My only problem is that we have a stainless steel fridge (nonmagnetic) so we had to stick them to the sides. 

I can't wait to take more great Instagram photos to order another set!

Have you ordered from them yet?

Printing&Framing Instagram Photos

In the past couple of months, I have been trying much harder to document things in my life better. Having my iPhone and Instagram on me at all times makes it much easier to document the little moments in life that would otherwise be mostly forgotten. I should preface with saying that I am not a very photogenic person and very critical of myself in photos, so it's a rare occurrence that I find photos of myself that I would actually want to frame and look at every day. But now that I've been taking more photos, the chance that I would snag a good one is higher. 

I decided I wanted to print one of my Instagram photos for a square frame that I had purchased. There are really awesome websites out there that do this for you, but I thought I could figure it out on my own. Here's what I did using Photoshop Elements...

After uploading the photo onto your computer, open it in Photoshop. Open a blank canvas that is your desired size (my matte was 3x3) and change resolution to 150. 150 is a bit low for printing photos, but it's a camera phone photo and it didn't have to be crystal clear.

With the photo open, double click on Background in the layers menu. A pop-up box will appear, just click okay. You will see that Background now says Layer 0.

Using the move tool (top left in tool panel) click on the photo and drag to the blank canvas.

Using the corner arrows, adjust the photo to fit the canvas. Press enter to accept.

Now we print. Click file-print in top menu bar and you'll get a pop-up like this. Select the printer you will be using. Then select the photo paper size you plan to use (mine was 4x6). Unclick the Crop to Fit box and choose actual size for print size. You're pop-up box should look like mine above. When you hit print, you may get a message about the dpi being low, but again, this is a camera phone photo and it will be a little grainy close up. Mine looks really clear unless you are really looking at it closely.

Enter photo paper and print! Super easy way to get those photos off your computer and phone and display them. I love the square frame since most of the other frames I have are rectangular. The plan is to add this to a photo grouping that will appear somewhere in our home, but right now it sits near this purple bird cage. 

Happy creating!

This Week in Instagram 7/23-7/27.

Our week down the shore has been really, really lovely. Even though home received a lot of rain and storms last night, we still have nothing but sunshine. We actually have a couple of things we wanted to do once it rained, but since it hasn't rained, no thrifting yet...

This felt like a well-deserved vacation after a lot of transitions in the last couple of months. I am getting used to my 9-5 job, Tim getting used to his 6-2 job, we moved to our new apartment and now just need to get settled. It's been a fantastic week and I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful weather! I will probably share some actual photos from our vacation later on.

It's Friday, and we are getting ready to celebrate our weekend! Any weekend plans?

Photos from left: my can-glass from our Cape May Brewery tasting, Off fortune cookie at the Chinese buffet, We liked Cape May Brewery so much we bought a growler of their wheat brew (our favorite), Beach in Cape May, Third book of my not-going-to-accomplish goal of five books in July, Driving to OCNJ, I made Tim and Jon stand with a fry mascot, Our wheat beer purchases (I told you, it's our favorite), Our shore haven at night, Watermelon for breakfast, Tim&I waiting for the bridge in Wildwood, and an avocado.