Spring 2019 Checklist

It’s amazing that at 29 years old, I’m still surprised every spring when the cold, gray days subside and I start to feel AMAZINGLY better on a daily basis. My mood is more stable and uplifted, it’s easier to get up every (most) mornings, and I just feel better. Better about life. Better about situations that are less-than perfect. Better about pretty much everything. Even if you don’t have seasonal depression, the winter blues are very real and it’s amazing what sitting at home with the windows open or taking a walk can do for you.

I don’t really want to set any monthly goals or anything like that, but more these seasonal intentions where I just give myself a list of things to keep in mind for the season.

Bake more: I wrote about this in a recent post, but getting back into baking was such a struggle for me for a little bit. But I think I’ve gotten myself over that hump and am feelin’ inspired y’all! I got a list of recipes I want to test and perfect, I got a new camera so I’m excited to shoot those recipes and I’m stoked to just get this little piece of the interweb going again. It gives me lifeeeee.

Plant herbs on the deck: As much as I want to grow tomatoes and peppers on the deck, I’m disappointed every year because the squirrels and cats eat everything off of them. This year I’m just going to stick to potted herbs and see how that goes. Definitely not as exciting as veggies, but I’m still looking forward to it!

Spend more time out and about in the city: I LOVE spending my Saturdays bouncing around the city with my friends on foot, eating cheap snacks, shopping, and people watching. It’s honestly one of my favorite things to do during the warmer months and I’m stoked to get that going again. Horchata latte in hand, converse sneaks on my feet.

Continue cooking more: For once in my life, I feel like I’m improving in my cooking ability. It’s finally fun to cook and I don’t feel so scared of messing up. I’m hoping this isn’t just a phase and I can keep up cooking at home a couple nights a week!

Deal with my adult things: This one is super boring. I have a list of adult things that need to be taken care of and I keep putting off. I need to get those things done. Being an adult is hard sometimes.

Buy myself more flowers: you know, just because

Work on a reoccurring Philly ice cream post: This is something my friend Kate and I have been talking about for YEARS and I want to hammer it out this spring. Just a reoccurring feature highlighting some of the city’s best ice cream places.

Spring Bucket List

petit jardin en ville in old city philadelphia

It's spring folks! And I'm pretty damn happy about it. Things are feeling fresh and new, the city is sunny and people are out and about, my work is in full bloom and very green, it's just a nice time before it turns into Hades. 

The theme this season is cleaning, organizing, and making the house more enjoyable. I love our home, but winter has a way of making papers pile up and clutter just sitting around waiting to be put away. I want to take the next couple of months and really get that in order, along with trying to take more weekend and day trips to spend time outside and together. So here we go!

  1. Hang art in extra bedroom
  2. Take more weekend and day trips
  3. Make headway with the side hustle
  4. Plant herbs in pots out back
  5. Work on ice cream blog post
  6. Buy flowers more often
  7. Cook dinner at home more often
  8. Take bags of clothes to thrift store

Winter Bucket List

As I'm writing this, I'm drinking tea and recovering from photographing cookies on my back deck while it's 29 degrees out... We've hit winter in Philadelphia and though I'm enjoying all the christmas lights and layering of sweaters and scarves, I'm already missing warmer temperatures.

So in hopes of enjoying winter a little more than I normally would, here are some things I'm hoping to accomplish in the coming months. Nothing crazy. I'm setting my goals pretty low this time around to leave room for plenty of weekends home on the couch covered in blankets and drinking hot apple cider. 

  1. Go ice skating!
  2. Go to Center City's Christmas Village.
  3. Take boxes of stuff to thrift store.
  4. Throw a birthday celebration for myself.
  5. Go to the movies more.
  6. Reorganize that extra bedroom (yes, we're seeing this again)
  7. Buy a proper, very warm winter coat.
  8. Have a good, relaxing snow day at home.
  9. Collaborate with Kate on a blog photoshoot
  10. Plan a weekend away.

What makes you happiest in the winter? How do you get yourself out of the house when it's freezing out?

    Fall Bucket List Review

    With Thanksgiving happening last weekend and everyone posting Christmas trees on Instagram, I guess you can say Fall has come and gone. I had really hoped to get this posted before my holiday gift guides when up, but as you can see that didn't happen. BUT today we're taking a look at what was on my Fall Bucket List and how I did at knocking things off of it!

    Spoiler alert: pretty okay! Here we go!

    Go Apple Picking: We actually did this twice. We first went to Linvilla Orchards with just G and I. It was rainy and a little picked through by the time we made this trip (but it was late in the season tbh), but we had a great time nonetheless. Linvilla has a bunch of other things, including a giant store where they sell pumpkins and mums and everything else you could imagine, a farmer's market area and bakery, as well as food vendors, apple slingshots, donuts, and tons of other things for families. The second place was Highland Orchard and we went with a few friends. Also had a nice farmer's market/bakery, petting areas with goats, and pick-your-own pumpkins.

    Reorganize My House: As I mentioned in this post, G and I now live together in my house! We moved all his stuff in early November and though we are still finding places for things, most of our space is working out quite nicely. We still have some things to figure out, but I'm happy with it so far!

    Carve Pumpkins/Have a Pumpkin Carving Party: I was so happy with this little shindig! We had maybe 15-18 friends come over, hang out, and carve pumpkins. We covered both my dining room tables and coffee table with paper bags, I picked out some carving knives at the thrift store and got some dollar store carving kits, and it worked out great!

    Bake More Pies: Yes! I made two standard pumpkin pies for our two Thanksgivings, and posted recipes for this Pumpkin Tart with Gingerbread Crust (which is basically a pie) and this Apple Crumb Pie

    Try 5 New Restaurants/Bars in the City: So I've been to 4 new-to-me restaurants in Philadelphia in the past couple of months and they have all been REALLY good. They are The Dandelion, Mission Taqueria, Fitzwater Street Bagels, and Cheu Noodle Bar. But I'm also going to throw Pub & Kitchen in there as well, because it's someplace that I first went to in the very end of Summer and we've been back several times since. 

    Cook Dinner at Home More: Also something we've been doing more of since G moved in. As long as the work week isn't super busy for either of us, we try to make 2 meals at home a week. I currently have a pot roast in the crockpot at home as we speak and stuffed peppers to make this weekend. 

    Post a Blog Post Once a Week Without Missing a Week: I feel really good about this one you guys! Throughout the life of this blog, I've blogged often, I've made consistent scheduled, I've blogged several times a week, and I've gone on hiatus for months. I'm currently in the groove of slow blogging. My aim is consistently once a week. If I have more content for a week, I'll throw up an extra post (like this post, actually), but for the most part, I stick to once a week. I'm so thrilled and proud of myself for sticking to this for several months. Blogging is something I do on top of my normal 9-5 job, social obligations, relaxing time, and everything else that comes with being an adult. It's a balancing act that I love, but can also be the first thing to go when I'm not feeling up to it. So I feel good that I've pushed through and made content consistently these past few months. Woot woot. 

    Now for the handful of things I didn't complete:

    Clean the Back Deck and light the chiminea at least once: Well, I did clean the deck off for the Pumpkin Carving Party, but besides that it's looked pretty awful back there. I get leaves that fall onto my deck that are the size of dinosaur footprints and it's hard to keep up with. But I need to bring in the furniture and roll that rug up so I'm sure I'll be cleaning it soon.

    Make More Time For Friend Hangs: I feel like I made the same amount of time for friend hangs. I feel like I saw everyone around the same amount, with the exception of scheduling a day date with my girlfriend who lives back home and her son and getting to attend the wedding of one my favorite people who I don't see that often. Not really a loss, but not a true win either.

    Do Something with that Extra Bedroom: The extra bedroom reminds unfinished (still). Though it's better, it's still not there. Still need to deal with this. :(

    And that's it! Not as good as last time but still above average! I hope these posts aren't too boring for you and at least some of you are enjoying them. I know they help me remember the things I've accomplished over the past couple of months so I hope to keep writing goals out this way!

    Fall Bucket List

    Hi friends! I'm here with a weekend post (say whatttttt). As I'm writing this, I'm currently freezing in my office but I hope you are still cuddled up on the sofa, drinking strong coffee and strolling through the internet this morning. This summer I put together a Summer Bucket List that I loved. It's helpful for me to think about a season and how I want to embrace it and not let it slip away. Time has a way of slipping away unnoticed and all of a sudden it's winter again and I wonder what happened to Fall. Or summer for that matter.

    As a way to celebrate Fall, I'm putting together a handful of things I want to make sure I do in the next couple of weeks. Most of these things are little things to get me out of the house and not spending all my time on the sofa binging Netflix. But regardless, I'm excited to check some of these babies off the list!

    1. Pick apples
    2. Reorganize my house
    3. Carve pumpkins/have a pumpkin carving party
    4. Make more time for friend hangs
    5. Bake more pies
    6. Try out 5 new restaurants/bars in the city
    7. Cook dinner at home more
    8. Do something with my extra bedroom (hang art, get bedding, move computer up there, etc.)
    9. Post blog posts at least once a week without missing a week
    10. Clean the back deck and light the chiminea at least once