Before and After: Reupholstering Bar Stools

So sometimes when you compromise and try to find a cheaper option, you end up with something you look at everyday and hate. That's how I feel about these bar stools. I wanted something that might not be the most comfortable, but really cute, and Tim wanted something with a back that would be comfortable. So we ended up with these stools below from Target. They had backs, were cheap, and didn't look completely hideous.

I decided that instead of buying new stools, I'd do that DIY-way and recover these bar stools and give them a new coat of paint until I find something better. Here's how I reupholstered the seats of these bar stools, but it's a standard way to cover any basic chair with a upholstered seat.

Remove your seats cut your fabric. I just lay the seat upside down on the fabric and add about two inches around the entire seat. More is better than less.

Using a staple gun, pull the fabric tight and staple in place. The goal is to get as few bumps or overlaps on the right side as possible, so you will need to overlap the fabric on the back. The corners are the trickiest part. Just keep pulling and overlapping and stapling. I aim for pretty-good and don't stress over a few bumps on the right side. 

The photo below better shows how a corner will look once finished. After you've gone all the way around, trim off some of the extra fabric to get something that looks like this...

Reattact your seat to your frame and that's it! Much simpler than you thought, I bet!

Keep in mind you can always pull a few staples out with a pair of pliers it starts looking really bumpy. The next step is to give these little babies a new paint job. I'm thinking kelly green, but I'm not set on anything yet. 

**Fabric is from Joann and is an outdoor fabric.

Before&After: Litterbox


When T&I were planning on moving, I knew that I wanted something to hide the litterbox. In my old apartment, the litterbox was just out in the open and it always bothered me. I knew I wanted to reuse a piece of furniture to hold the box, and one day we walked out of T's old house and there was this piece of furniture sitting on the curb, waiting for the trash.

It maybe wasn't my perfect choice, but it was free and I figured if we hated it, no harm no fowl and we could start over. T did most of the work, I must say. He removed the drawers and created the door, I painted it and it looked terrible and I cried, so we picked another color and he painted it. That's the series of events usually, with big projects like this.

We've been living with it for a few months now, and we're pleased. The kitties are using it and I hide some stuff in the top drawer (the only functioning drawer). That's all we can really ask for. It's pretty and functional, my favorite.