Around Here (& Peeks of My New House)

Like I said in this previous post, I moved (yet again). This time the move was stressful and one of the furtherest moves I've had and honestly, I'd like to just erase that day from my memory.

But I'm in a whole house and I'm excited.
I'm in a new city and I'm excited.
Everything still feels a little new and what I'm not use to and I'm excited.

The end of summer has been busy for me. Had a few beach trips, had a friend in town, had people come stay with me. I'm trying to get the most out of this new experience, but also trying to get this house together and situated. I don't have A/C (nor did I in my last place), which isn't a huge deal to me but makes moving furniture and hanging art tiring with the intense heat/humidity combo we've been having this summer. And as much as I never want to wish my summer away, I'm starting to feel a little longing for chillier days.

But things are getting done, slowly but surely. I've got a list of projects to get done around the house, which includes: paint the front door (!!!!!!!), get extra bedroom in order, hang everything in my bedroom, clean and set up back deck, stain my pantry and kitchen shelves, buy a new rug and two upholstered chairs for my dining room... So looking forward to having all those things done in the near future (and maybe wishing for a little more motivation to get make things happen).

I'm ready to make memories in this house. <3

PS: Those Instagram magnets on my fridge were made through Sticky9! And if you use the code FRIEND6C31, you get 30% your first order and I get a little something something.