Around Here

I would be lying it I told you I wasn't completely and utterly obsessed with my pink Christmas tree...

This will be the first year that I've been single and actually wanted to take Christmas decorations out and put them up. Last year was right in the middle of a very transitional time. Figuring things out, living alone post-domestic life, living in a smaller apartment, etc. Even though I have a pretty small family, Christmas has always been big in my family home. A lot of decorations. A lot of Christmas cheer and being happy. A lot of giving gifts and baking cookies. My mom loves Christmas and honestly, I really do as well. So, being that I'm in a completely different place than I was this time last year, I decided to dust off the decoration boxes in my basement and buy the most perfect pink Christmas tree and spend an afternoon enjoying it.

Every night when I come home from work and find the tree lit up I actually giggle out loud to myself. Because I'm crazy and because it's so perfect.