5 Things I'm Loving Right Now

Cake For Breakfast from the Unusually Lovely Blog

Hi friends! It's been a little while since I chatted with you about what's going on in my life and talked about some of my favorite things. Christmas, my week off from work, and New Years feels a little like a blur to me. We ran all over the place spending time with each family during Christmas. My week off from work I struggled with wanting to relax, but also giving myself a hard time about not knocking enough things off my to-do list. (Am I the only one who struggles with that?) I ended up prepping a handful of blog posts and decided to feel good about accomplishing that much. I drank a lot of tea, and lattes, and delicious toast. We had a low key NYE, playing board games with friends and lighting off sparklers on their balcony. And then it was time to head back to work. I'm feeling mentally ready for 2017. I have a lot of ideas floating around in my head. I've made some plans for new endeavors. I've bought a new camera lens and got an ice cream maker for Christmas. I'm hoping for good feelings and mostly positive vibes this year.

In other news, here's five things I'm loving this month:

  1. A few months ago I signed up for Studio DIY's Can't Clutch This monthly subscription box. I got the first about a week before Christmas and I have to say, the quality of these are spot on. The outside material is super nice and the pattern is vibrant. The hardware is solid and doesn't feel flimsy or like something I need to be gentle with. And I've received more compliments on this bag than any one I've owned! Definitely worth $20 and I'm amped to see this months!
  2. I was on the hunt for a new everyday eyeshadow. I wanted something that was matte, neutral enough to just throw on with most outfits but that also stands out, and could be gussied up with fake lashes and eyeliner. At some point I heard beauty bloggers Anna and Lily both talking about an Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow in Caramel and it sounded like it might hit all those markets. It's perfection. I've worn it pretty much every single day since I bought it.

  3. I recently decided that I need a place to keep all my lists in one place. At work, I keep lists on every piece of paper within arms length. I make lists for what I need to get done during the course of a weekend. I make lists of blogging tasks I need to get done. So, I finally picked up a planner to get all those lists and ideas into one place. Though this one doesn't have a month view, I LOVE how much writing space I have each day. And space with and without lines. Also, it's gorgeous.

  4. One of my recent personal goals is to drink more water because TBH, there are days when I don't drink any. I thought maybe having a water bottle that had measurements on the side would be helpful and would motivate me to drink more. I received this water bottle for Christmas and so far it's been perfect. It fits in the cup holder of my car (which neither of my other water bottles do!), has the measurements on the side, and doesn't leak at all. The mouth of it is also easy to use while wearing lipstick, which gives it bonus points in my book.

  5. This one is maybe a little odd coming from me, but I only recently purchased a bottle of St. Germain and since then I've been putting it in all kinds of things. I added it in this Tangerine Elderflower Spritz. On NYE I throw together a quick cocktail with pomegranate juice, St. Germain, and gin. And I'm sure I'll be making some new cocktails with it in the future.