5 Things I'm Loving Right Now

I live on a very narrow street where you need to park half your car on the sidewalk. It's quirky. It's a little frustrating. But it's made me into an excellent parallel parker! About once a week, the Mister Softee** truck finds it's way onto my street and then crawls it's way down and tortures me, and probably ever child who lives on my street. Somedays (most of the days), I indulge and eat ice cream for dinner. 

Here's Five Other Things I'm Loving Right Now:

  1. ASOS Overalls. After trying to find a pair of black overalls that were both skinny and affordable for a little while now, I finally pulled the trigger and settled on these from ASOS. Being a girl that's on the tall side and also has a really long torso, I was a little skeptical on the sizing, but I ordered the correct size! It felt a little like a miracle! And, once I adjusted the straps to be as long as they could go, they fit pretty well! And, bonus, they're not $100+ dollars!
  2. NYX Lip Cream. I recently heard Anna raving about these on her channel and knew I wanted to give these a go. Cheap, easy to acquire, and semi-long lasting? I'm sold. I bought San Paulo, which is pinky mauve color that's slightly darker than my natural lip color. Definitely going to pick up a few more of these in the near future. (And yes, that means I'm carrying around ANOTHER lipstick in my bag.)
  3. Cerise Limon La Croix. I think I've successful drank every flavor of La Croix by now, and the cherry lime is my flavor. Thinking about working on a seltzer cocktail piece in the near future.
  4. I've been a big fan of WTF with Marc Maron and This American Life podcasts for a while now, but I just recently found Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People. I have about a 45 minute commute each way and this really makes the time fly. It's interesting. It's compelling. It's killer.
  5. Recently Stephanie Gilbert ran a sale on her social media resource library/community The Hangout so I decided to see what it was all about. It's a fantastic resource! I'm excited to see what else it offers.

**After I wrote this, I wondered if Mister Softee was a Philadelphia thing and after reading more about it, found out it's popular in the Northeastern U.S. And yes, the Mister Softee man is rather terrifying.