Are you tired of reading about me blabbing about my life? Probably. But this is my space so I'm just going to keep on churning out some life posts, because life has really been on my mind recently.

If you read through my entire, long-winded I Got 50 Trivial Problems post, then you might have read that my entire life I wanted to be 23-26 years old. For as long as I can remember, the future always seemed better than my current situation. In high school, I couldn't wait for college. Once I adjusted to college (I don't know if I ever actually adjusted to college), I was eager to be in the real world. And now I'm here. Working a full-time job, living outside my parent's house, making a living, and being on my own. And there are parts of it that I LOVE, and parts that I HATE (paying those student loan bills every month immediately comes to mind).

My life today looks a lot differently than I thought it would a year ago. By 25 I was pretty sure I'd be married, or planning a wedding. I figured I'd be deeply considering buying a house in the near future. I'd have plenty of money saved and probably would have found a job that better suited my goals. But sometimes you play the wild card and change everything. And that's exactly what I did. And all the changes that followed, good and bad, I'd have to wade through to make it to the other side. 

But for the most part, at 25 I feel good. I have plans to travel for work and road trips for fun. I have plans to create more opportunities for me to travel this year. I have plans to get my finances back on track. I have plans to let go of a lot negative and bring in a lot of positive. I have plans to spend more time with friends and family. I have plans to grow as a person. 

Many times I've tried to document goals on this blog and most of the time they fail, but my 25th birthday seemed like a good time to give it one last shot. So here's some things I want to focus on throughout the year:

  1. Be kinder to myself for having the feelings I'm feeling. 
  2. Put less pressure on myself to have the best time ever. Let special moments happen when they happen.
  3. Keep up with this blog schedule while still having fun.
  4. Don't take myself, situations, or anyone else's opinions too seriously.
  5. Strive to be a more compassionate and thoughtful friend.

Cheers to a new chapter.