September Goals

It's pretty hard to believe that soon I'll be pulling out my boots and coats from under my bed. August is over, but man it was a great summer. Last month I worked on a bunch of recipes in the kitchen (and that also means a lot of failures,) and got outside a ton! Walked to breakfast, Farmer's Markets, canoeing, and even went to Tyler State Park last weekend. Our bedroom is still a disaster, but it will get done in due time. New month, new season, new goals!

  • Get through this first month of Insanity. Yes, we are really doing it. My first goal is to really get through the first month, then I'll worry about the second. Wish me luck (I might seriously need it.)
  • Get my craft on. I took a bit of a craft break during the summer because of having way too much to do these past few months. Trying to spend so much time outdoors means that I didn't spend a lot of time indoors making things. Need to find a happy medium for fall.
  • Make time for more walks. Because they are a nice thing to do.

Hope everyone had a great and relaxing Labor Day weekend.