Grilled Cinnamon Sugar Peaches

Grilled Peaches 2.jpg

After spending last week vacationing at my parent's home outside of Cape May/Wildwood, NJ, I knew that one of the things we needed to do was journey to the West Cape May farmer's market. There's local produce, delicious food, and puppies galore, and being that it's later in the day, we enjoy heading there after a day at the beach. One of the things we picked up, Jersey peaches.

I've had grilled peaches on the brain lately, and being that we don't have any outdoor space to grill at home, we knew we wanted to take advantage of my parent's outdoor grill. Here's what we did...

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Grilled Cinnamon Sugar Peaches

  • 4 peaches
  • 4 tbsps cinnamon
  • 4tbsps sugar
  • vegetable oil
  • ice cream, optional.

Cut each peach in half by cutting down to the pit and sliding the knife around the pit, similar to how you would cut open an avocado. Once you've cut all the way around, twist the peach in half with your hands and remove the pit with a spoon. 

Heat your grill to low/medium. Brush the inside of each peach-half with oil and place on grill, flat side down. Grill for 3 mins, then rotate 45 degrees and grill for another 3 mins. The peaches are done when they are heated through and have indentations from the grill.

Grilled Peaches 4.jpg

Mix cinnamon and sugar together in a bowl. Spoon generous amounts of the mixture onto warm peaches. Serve immediately with ice cream. And that's it!

Grilled Peaches 1.jpg

I absolutely loved these peaches. In theory, I thought they would be more grilled looking but the combination between the warm peaches and the cinnamon sugar is almost perfection. You could even try brushing them with maple syrup instead of oil! We will definitely be making these over and over again at home.