A Weekend in August

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August was lovely to us. We had some cooler weather, which made me feel ready for fall and was a great little surprise. I don't know if you've caught on to this, but the weekends mean a lot to me. I think when you work a full-time job, you need to enjoy every bit of your weekends. We ate ice cream, spent time outside, went canoeing, went out for breakfast, put together a new bookcase for our DVD collection, discovered Tyler State Park, hit up the small farmer's market and thrift/antique stores in our little town, and laughed. Laughing might be my favorite part (but breakfast is a close second.) How have you been enjoying your weekends?

Photos: Sidewalk record shopping. / Inside a local collectables/junk shop. / Tim staining wood for our new bookcase. / Foam brush. / More staining. / Me watching Tim stain. / Donut peaches from the Farmer's Market. / Tyler State Park. / Relaxing after our long walk. / Rock sitting in my new Stay Home Club T-Shirt.