August Goals

Listen guys, last month's goals went a little forgotten. Between work, vacations, weekend adventures, sleeping–somehow they just seem to get a way from me. I don't really feel like I completed (or even tried to complete) any of the goals from last month, but that's not going to stop me to move forward! Here what I want to work on this month, and I mean it this time.

  • Get inspired by baking again. In July, I actually developed a few new recipes and blogged about some ones I've been making for a while now. But for August, I want to focus on creating some new sweet treats. I want make things I've never made before and figure out the perfect recipes.
  • Organize our bedroom. We still have a corner with boxes and things that need to be hung in our bedroom. It's a downer, and I want to feel like we live in a put-together space, not just a put-together downstairs.
  • Continue to try and get outside more. With being down the shore right now, getting outside is easy-peasy. There's places to go, beaches and boardwalks to walk on, food to eat outside. But once we settle in from our vacation and I want to focus on getting outside more. More walks around town, more bike riding, more sitting outside with friends, and maybe even a little camping weekend planning. Fresh air does the body good.

I can't believe that we are at the second half of summer already. I'm not ready for it to be over! It's been such a grand summer. 

PS: When I first published this, I called it "July Goals." What's going on with me!? Ha.