We Built a TV Stand

Sometimes you stumble upon a great DIY and it just clicks. I need to make that right now. And then you realize you already have a TV stand and you would never need anything that big. And then you move and have the perfect spot for it and hate your current TV stand. Or at least, that's what happened when it came to this project.

A little while ago, I saw Elise Blaha had posted about a TV stand she put together using two Ikea cabinets and some stained wood pieces. I loved it. I loved the contrasts between the white doors and stained wood. I loved the low profile and simpleness. It was epic. I read through her walk through a hundred times and emailed it to Tim and we decided it was perfect. It is perfect.

Swing on over to Elise's blog to see how she put her's together. We followed her directions almost to a tee and it came out great.