June Goals

Half way through the year and I'm enjoying this way of setting goals. I like looking back each month and seeing if I completed them and I love that the goals I'm setting are easy and fun. Last month I wanted to spend more time outside, which we are working on (lots of morning and after work walks and a few BBQs) and get back into cooking, which is going stronger than I thought it would. I say, I cook 3-4 nights a week. That might not sound like a success to everyone, but I think it's pretty darn cool. I am also thrilled to tell you we are moving again! But this time, just a hallway over. Our apartment is bigger and will hopefully be everything we are yearning for (more space! less stuff!). Here are some things to focus on for June....

  • Get healthier. I've been thinking a lot about how I feel everyday (and maybe how I look in a bikini) and am wondering if my lack of diet and exercise is hurting me. I want to get more real food into my diet, cut out some junk by finding new things I love, and get to the gym more. I just want to feel positive!
  • Have a stress-free move. We decided to move earlier this week and will be moving June 8. That's two weeks to pack, clean, purge, organize, etc. I think the small amount of time will help me not becoming overly stressed, but I'm still a basket-case on the day of the move. Trying to avoid that for the sake of everyone.
  • Enjoy our shore time. We are lucky enough to have access to my parent's place down the shore and I want to spend that time relaxing. I tend to get anxious without things planned and just laying around, but that's what these vacations are for. 

Happy Summer!