Cake Topper

This little DIY is really simple, but also pretty freakin' cute. Sometimes you just want to decorate a dessert for a party, but happy birthday candles don't quite cover it because you aren't celebrating anyone's birthday. These cake toppers can be made in a million different ways, but here is a very easy one with bamboo scures and some fabric scraps.

Using embroidery floss or any other kind of string you have laying around, tie each end around the top of a bamboo scure. The size of the string will depend on personal preference and how big your cake is.

Cut about 10 rectangles out of fabric and cut each rectangle into a diamond. The number of diamonds will depend on how wide your string is.

Apply Mod Podge to one side of the diamond and glue the fabric onto the string. After all the fabric pieces are glued to the string, Cut off any fabric that doesn't match up when you folded them in half. And that's it!

Stick that topper into some cupcakes or a pie and you have an instant party. Or at least, your party is instantly better. Happy dessert!

PS: Those smores cupcakes are coming up later this week!