Chalkboard Speech Bubble Mugs

It is safe to say that I've been wanting to paint these plain, white Ikea mugs that I picked up in a thrift store for some time now. I've seen chalkboard paint used on mugs around the blog and Pinterest world, but wanted to put my own little spin on it with a stencil.

Pebeo makes a chalkboard paint that is dishwasher friendly. You will also need something to paint and a brush, some painter's tape and an exacto knife.

Apply the tape as smooth as you can and draw whatever shape you want on there. With an exacto knife, cut the shape out. You might want to do a test run on your mug and make sure you won't scratch it with the exacto knife, but mine seemed to make it through just dandy. Once you cut out the shape, be sure to press the tape down again.

Apply even coats of the chalkboard paint, I did around three coats and then after a few hours remove the tape. 

Your mug might look like this, but try not to panic! Using your exacto knife, scratch off the parts that ran under the tape. Follow the directions on the bottle, let dry for 24 hours before baking.

Make yourself some tea and enjoy your happy mugs!