Dying Coffee Filter Flowers

Colored Paper Flowers Text.jpg

I wanted to put together a little follow-up post to these coffee filter flowers. Now that you can make tons of white peonies, you probably want to make them in a slew of colors (maybe that's just me...)

Colored Paper Flowers 2.jpg

The process is fairly simple. Begin like you would to make the simple white ones, cutting out the amount you need with the scalloped edges. In a large cup or bowl, mix a small amount of craft paint with a cup of water. The more paint, the more vibrant they will be. I used a couple small squirts for each color, mix it up.

Take each filter, crumple it up, and stick in in the water/paint mixture. You can put a whole several in at a time and let them soak for a few minutes. Again, the longer they soak, the more vibrant they will be. Lay them out on some paper towels and let them dry. Continue making your flowers as normal. And that's it! Now you have lovely colored coffee filter flowers to go with your white ones!

Colored Paper Flowers 3.jpg