Flea Market Successes.

Part of the fun about flea markets is, they're hit or miss. Sometimes you make out like a bandit, and sometimes your bags are still empty. This past weekend, my mom discovered an indoor flea market on 9th and Spring Garden (Philadelphia) that we knew we needed to check out. I was almost through the first go around with nothing when I found some gems.

Two little jars with these floral tops= in love. Having figured out what I want to do with them, but still loving them.

We also have been searching for the perfect drink glasses for our bar, and I found these little babies. Set of four for $15. I love how different they are. And then they're is this...

This might be one of my best finds recently. My mom always had a cedar chest in her bedroom and I always loved the way it smelled. Once we moved into our apartment and needed storage for bed linens, I started keeping an eye out for hope chests. I quickly realized that most hope chest are very large and clunky, very early American. When I found this one, it seemed the perfect size and very mid-century modern. It's my new love.