March Goals

It's March and I can feel bits of Spring beginning to peek through. Very exciting.

For February, I talked about cooking more at home, finishing up our living room and downstairs bathroom, and taking more daily-life photos. Well, I've absolutely been cooking more at home! Our switching to eating better has made me much more aware of what we should and shouldn't be eating on a regular basis. I've also discovered ways to cook vegetables that I never liked that we now love. Hooray!

I would say I took a few daily-life photos this month (which I guess is better than none, but I still don't consider this a completed goal), but we made a decision to move apartments within our complex in the summer so that has discouraged me from really decorating our current space further.

Anyway, here are some goals for March...

  • Read more books. I love reading, but have the hardest time finding books that interest me. I have very particular taste, I guess.
  • Wear less jeans. In a recent post, I talked about this e-course by Delightfully Tacky I'd been taking. She's inspired me to put together better outfits for going out. I always want to wear dresses and tights, but always put them on, decide I look too "dressed up" and then opt for jeans. Such a silly goal, but it's my life.
  • Kick back into baking. I miss baking. And with not buying cookies and treats anymore, I feel a bit deprived. Stay tuned for more treat recipes soon.