Projects To Do

Now that the weather is starting to perk up, I'm getting excited to conquering a few projects that need to get worked on. Daylight savings happened over the weekend and I'll be thrilled to have some daylight when I get home from work to craft and photograph life.

This record cabinet, which my Dad pulled the speaker out of right after I bought it, has been on my to-do list since I bought it two years ago. Right now, it functions has our bar but I would love to recover the front and think about what it would look like with gray paint.

I hate these bar stools. I thought I liked them and Tim and I tend to battle between what I like and what's actually practical. Someday, we will have lovely bar stools but right now we have these. My plan is to paint them green and reupholster the seats with black and white fabric. They will be better!

My poor little vanity. I got this so long ago, I think I was in high school, and had such high hopes for it. I could never commit to what I wanted to do with it, but I'm thinking a charcoal gray and some pretty glass knobs. I was thinking about maybe getting a glass top cut for it too. That stool also needs some work...

 Hooray for projects and nice weather to do them in!