Create Neon Terracotta Pots

Sometimes, you need a "Just for fun" project to keep the creative juices flowing. I've been seeing a ton of neon flower pots on Pinterest and Home Design books recently and wanted to create one that was super easy (and cheap). Our bedroom is very blank. White walls, black and white furniture pieces, currently white and gray bedding. Even the brick in our upstairs is painted white (and I'm not sure why?), so I wanted to add some paints and a pop of color up there.

I bought a couple terracotta pots and houseplants and some white and neon acrylic paints. Using a foam brush, I painted the whole pot white. I needed to use several coats to get a clean look. I then painted the bottom half neon pink. I was going to use painter's tape to get a straight line, but ended up just freehanding it. Again, I did several coats to make sure it covered completely. And that's it!

I'm in love with this little project and I can't wait to buy more pots and plants to make more!