Because Life Keeps On Moving...

Records pick-up at a flea market last weekend.

Warning: this post contains a great deal of rambling.

For once in my life, I'm starting to feel settled and content and it might be the weirdest thing ever. Maybe it's because Spring is in sight. Maybe it's because I've finally found the balance between working full-time and having a life outside of that. I'm not sure, but both of those things are pretty exciting.

I'm one of those people who needs something to life towards. When I was in college, it was to finish college as fast as possible. Once done, it was to get a job. Now that I have that, it was to move out and get settled. And now, it's just all about settling, without completely settling. Not always feeling like you are working for the weekend, and not letting your day job cloud how you feel about your real life. 

I follow a lot of other blogs and are around a lot of people who blog, design, craft, play music, etc., as there full-time job. They are consistently in this creative swing, doing what they completely love to do. But currently, that isn't my life and need to be okay with that. I make good money, use my college degree, have good benefits, and work with kind people...I should be happy with things right now and that doesn't mean I'm giving up on dreams. And I need to come to terms with that.

On that note, happy weekend! I'm off to celebrate it and hear some live music.