February Goals!

I think for 2013, I want to take a different approach to goal setting. Last year, I made goals and never really felt like I touched on them again. With the new year, I want to really focus on having motivation to complete things, any things. 

2013 will be about setting three goals. Goals that I have thought out. Goals that will sometimes be fun to accomplish. Goals that will better my life. I also want to try and document these goals better with a recap at the end of each month and with photos and/iPhone photos. Hopefully these will pan out to be a more "action" item in my daily life. Here we go!

1. Take more daily-life photos! Camera out of the house and using the iPhone to document life right now. Especially photo of T and I, because I rarely have any! And I want to be more comfortable bringing my camera and using it.

2. Cook more at home! We've been working our way up to this but I want to really jump into it. New recipes and healthy eating. I want eating out to feel more special.

3. Finish with the Living Room and Powder Room! Right now we have one project in the works and a lot of prints and art to hang in the living room and things to finalize in the powder room. I want it done, more because I want to have at least one space in our home that feels completed. And hopefully before we move again...

(Unrelated, I love this iPhone photo.)