November Goals

Each month I've been trying to really reflect on the past month's goals, and some months I let myself down by not fully completing those goals. But as Meatloaf says, I guess two out of three ain't bad.

At the very end of October, I've jumped on the Couch to 5K bandwagon and have finished my first week. I think I might actually be liking it (let's hope it stays that way.) And I have purchased 2 Christmas presents, so I'm counting that... But our busy October is really keeping me from cleaning and purging our apartment. Like I said, two out of three.

Here some goals for November:

  • Plan this blog ahead for our week vacation. Some weekends I knock out a bunch of content and have posts written and scheduled ahead of time, some times it's more like writing for the next day. Tim and I are going on vacation with Tim's parents in the middle of November, and I want to simply have those posts written and scheduled so it's one less thing to worry about.
  • Control my me-spending. November always means Christmas shopping and while shopping for other people, I tend to get carried away with purchasing a lot for myself. I need to remember that I know the things that are on my "really really want" list and stick to that list!
  • Get my hair trimmed. This is so silly, but I've been putting this off like crazy. Plus, I love a simple, easy, personal goal. :) 

Wishing everyone a thankful November.