Anthropologie-Inspired Painted Candle Holders DIY


A few years ago, I found these beautiful glasses on (which are sadly no longer available) and I loved the idea of hand-painting glasses. When I found these 69cent glass candle holders at the thrift store, I knew I could turn them into a perfect additions to my tiny fall decorations.  

Painted-Candle-Holders 2.jpg

For this little project, you'll need different colors of craft paint (I used orange, light yellow, and black), your glass candle holders, and a paint brush.

Painted-Candle-Holders 3.jpg

Start by applying the one color of paint in different-sized small dots around the glass candle holders. You'll want to apply them closer together around the bottom of the glass, and more scattered around the top. The overall goal is an ombre effect, but it takes a little bit to really start to see what the end result will look like. Don't give up!

Painted-Candle-Holders 4.jpg
Painted-Candle-Holders 5.jpg

Begin applying the other colors, following the same strategy as before. You want to focus on filling in the open spaces along the bottom of the glass, and be sporatic about it. It doesn't matter if some of them overlap and try to get different sizes, and going different directions.

Painted-Candle-Holders 6.jpg

If you notice the colors blending too much, let dry for a few minutes between colors.

Painted-Candle-Holders 7.jpg

I went around the glass twice with each color, alternating between paint colors. And that's it! Insert a votive or tealight candle and light.

Painted-Candle-Holders 9.jpg
Painted-Candle-Holders 8.jpg

In love. Perfect easy fall decorations are my favorite.