October Goals

It seems strange that October is already upon us. I keep mentioning it, but as much as I love summer, the transition into fall is just magically over here in the Philadelphia area. The weather has been pretty awesome lately, and I hope that doesn't change for a while. As I write this, I am starting to feel a sore throat coming on and I'm not ready to break out my pea coat anytime soon.

Tim and I gave Insanity a serious go, but it wasn't right for us. Tim was seeing better result from going to the gym everyday and I was having a hard time with the time commitment and not seeing great results either. And I think it might have been a bit too intense for us anyway. But, it got me feeling good about dedicating some amount of time a few times a week to working out. I'm not very good at going to the gym, even though we have a really nice one in our apartment complex, so I've been switching between a few workout DVDs, and running outside. Trying to fit it into my life has been a challenge that I don't feel like I've beaten yet. Here's some goals for October...

  • A major Fall cleaning of the apartment. I really love the feeling of success when you have a freshly cleaned home, and we've been slacking a bit on this. Excited to work this into my monthly plan.
  • Start Christmas shopping. Does this sound crazy? I think it might. I really want to try and not pull too much from my savings account this Christmas, so planning and shopping early to spread out purchases is a must. Plus, I always enjoy the feeling of being "on top of things."
  • Focus on healthy living. I've been talking about this a lot, but hopefully one day it will stick. Hoping to exercise 2-3 times a week and focus on eating better meals.

Here's to a lovely October!