Reflecting on Unusually Lovely's First Year

Looking back on 2012, I am completely happy that this blog has finally happened and is slowly moving right along. 2012 has been the first year where I've been out of school, working a full-time job, living in T and I's own little home, and surviving. It's been a really exciting and fun year.

This blog has been a tremendously awesome experience for me. It's been an outlet for my recipes and crafts (which before I felt like I was doing in this vacuum of my couple of friends), a place for me to write and share what's going on in T and I's life, and a great way for me to work on my photography and Photoshop skills. I've really loved it and hope to continue to love sharing my favorite things on this blog.

Next year, I hope to get better at planning and making time for shooting photos and writing post, not so last minute. I hope to continue to be inspired by some of my favorite bloggers (and discover new favorite blogs!) and hope that, in some little way, I may be inspiring someone else. :)