Create a Little Button Necklace

As I said in this previous post, I have a lot of buttons and have been looking for ways to use them. This is a really super simple necklace idea for just that purpose!

I used three buttons, some chain, matching clasp, some small metal circles, and a hot glue gun.

Intertwine two larger of the small metal circles and hot glue one to the back of the largest circle. It's not the most beautiful back of a piece of jewelry, but the button hangs correctly and you don't see the back. I definitely no professional jewelry maker.

I then hot glued two smaller buttons on top of this one, or you could keep it as just one button. I actually like both.

Attach the clasp to the chain and you got yourself a cute little button necklace. I used a longer chain and bigger buttons since I needed a longer necklace, but you could mix and match to get just what you wanted!

I tend to lean towards simple jewelry and this is perfect for me.

I love buttons!