September Goals

I mentioned this a few times already, but I love fall. As much as I love summer and the warm days, I do tend to get tired of it about now. I want to wear jeans and scarves and boots. No more shorts for me (unless coupled with tights and boots). 

September will be the first month where T is around a lot less. He's a busy guy in the fall and though it will be sad not having him around as much, I'm excited for some alone time to get projects done and relax. 

I've been loving setting up these goals each month, but I haven't been too great with getting them all done. Hoping to get better at that this month!


  • Take more walks
  • Set up Etsy shop (I'm serious this time!)
  • Drink more pumpkin beer!
  • Get on top of this blog. I need to get better at prepping blog posts ahead of time better.
  • Celebrate my alone time.
  • Take a new blog photo.