Chalkboard Paint Wine Glasses

At some point when I was living in my last apartment, my mom gave me this pack of 12 plain wine glasses that she found somewhere for like $2. She already had plenty of wine glasses, so she felt the need to buy them and handed them off to me. I don't really drink wine (my goal is to find a wine that I actually do like) and T drinks it every once in a while. 

But the fact that they were plain bothered me and I thought I could decorate them differently. My first idea was to use chalkboard paint to paint the bottoms of the glasses, so at a party, you don't loose your glass! Here's what I did...

It's a really simple project. Just need some glasses, painter tape, and chalkboard spray paint (I used Krylon).

Tape off your glasses. This was the most time consuming for me because I was really trying to make the lines across the stem rather perfect. Then just cover part of the glass so spray doesn't end up anywhere it shouldn't.

The paint! I held them by the globe and with a continuous spray, rotated the glasses in my hand. Let dry upside down.

Remove the tape and your done! I let mine sit upside down on the counter overnight and by the morning, they seemed completely dry. Obviously these can't go in the dishwasher (but they are too high for my dishwasher anyway!) and I'm pretty much in love with them. Makes me wish I liked to drink wine!