Framing Photobooth Photos

Another really super simple way to get photos out of drawers and onto the walls. I had the first two of these photostrips floating around for a long time now. The first is from 2010, second from 2008/09 and the third from our vacation two weeks ago. I knew I wanted to use them somehow; I loved how they were photos of us, but not a traditional 4x6.

Then, two weeks ago, Elise Blaha (one of my most favorite blogs to follow on a regular basis, I have a little blogger-crush I think) posted this on framing photos and it showed how she framed photobooth strips in her house! How perfect...she must have read my mind.

It is so easy to do I probably should have been able to think it up myself. I followed Elise's description; bought some heavy white paper (I actually used a poster board since it was rather cheap), traced the frame insert for a template and taped the strips on using double-sized tape. Bam, done.

We are starting a frame cluster over our bar/sofa area in the living room, and this is the beginning of it. (In person, they actually look straighter than they do in this picture.) And that other print, one of our favorite new prints we purchased from Pop Chart Lab