Best of August

August is a bitter-sweet month. As lovely as the the summer has been, I'm excited for the changing of the seasons into fall. Fall is one of my favorite times of year, and I have big plans for the blog during the next month. Here are some of my favorite posts from last month:

With so many photos to frame and tons of wall space to fill up in our new home, it was a busy month for photos. I'm still loving these three different ways to display photos.

A couple trips to thrift stores and one to the flea market means more goodies. T has been racking up quite a few records recently, and we are so happy with our record player purchase this month! 

August featured these two DIYs, one for making paper flowers out of coffee filters and the other spotlighting our black and white striped rug we painted.

And finally, a simple post about list making!

Take on any good projects during August? Love to hear about them! I've got my scarves and boots ready in hand for September!