I am a List Maker

August hasn't been the most exciting month here on the blog, but I have a lot in store for September! At 22 years old, I still don't know my own limits when it comes to certain things. I usually don't know how much is too much, when to say no, what I am able to get done in a time period. You know, normal things that people should know about themselves by this time. But I do know one thing, I am a list maker.

I love lists. I'm pretty sure that lists are the only way that I made it through college successfully, the only way I function at work, and the only way I can remember what I need to do on any given day. No list means I'm wandering around aimlessly (or sit on the sofa watching Criminal Minds and SVU) and wonder what I was suppose to do that day.

I have a seriously hard time remembering anything. I have to write things down. When I make doctor's appointments, I am typing them into my calendar as I am speaking to the receptionist. When someone gives me directions, I scribble the information in the margins of my papers. I make lists constantly, and then when the list gets too unruly, I make another list. I love crossing things off, I love getting stuff done. It's just a moment where you thing, one less thing to do.

So thank you lists, for being the only thing to get me this far in my life.