Two Weeks in Instagram

This isn't much of an update I've been neglecting Instagram a bit since I've been busy with little things that don't seem interesting enough for Instagram. I don't think anyone needs to see pictures of emptying boxes and making dinner. But I spent most of last week down the shore with my parents while T was at drum camp and this week has kind of been a blur. I can't really tell you what I've spent my nights doing, because I can't really remember. Odd, huh?

But 7 hours until the weekend, and I want to celebrate it!

From left: My mom & I's ferry tickets for outlet shopping, grapefruit martinis, beach in Wildwood Crest, Sand & Boardwalk, Pina Colada in a pouch, Abbey!, T hung this picture shelf while I was at work, Abbey & T=BFF, My car had a birthday, Regal Abbey, Morning walk to the car, & my new beautiful typewriter.