Painting a Rug

When T and I were looking for a new home, I knew I wanted a painted rug. I wanted a super low pile and with a pattern and at the time, anything I seemed to like was out of my price range. Then I found this post on Ikea Hackers and from then on, painting this rug was my goal. T was on board, we bought this rug, and we were ready to go.

First thing we did was measure the rug and lay down the tape. I wanted a black and white strips so we measured out the strips so that they were all the same size. When we went to paint a section, we made sure to really press down the tape again to make sure the paint didn't bleed.

I bought a craft acrylic paint and went through two 16 oz bottles of black paint. I used Folkart Textile Medium and mixed it at a 2:1 ratio. That's what my bottle said. Just paint it on with a paint brush, I applied it pretty thick and had to go back and do a couple of coats and fill some spots in.

We let it dry outside for around a day to make sure it was completely dry before we packed it up. Then, just carefully pull up the tape. That was the most exciting part!

And now it's in our living room! I am so completely in love with the rug you have no idea. Just one of those projects that has such a big impact for such little effort. It couldn't have be easier and it looks almost perfect.

When I first saw posts about painting rugs, people were asking questions about the feel of the rug after it's painted. Was it sticky? Or was it crunchy? Does it feel weird now? How well does it last?

While the painted section does feel a little different than the nonpainted section, I wouldn't say that it feels crunchy or rough at all. At first, the black part was a bit sticky and it does seem to hold more cat hair than the white parts, but now that we have been living with it for a month, it's not really sticky anymore. While I don't know how it will last, it still looks exactly as when we pulled the tape off.

I truely love it. Anyone else have any luck with rug painting?