August Goals

July was amazing. It's been pretty exciting around here and I hope that feeling continues through the last summer month. I've always liked August; it's always been a kind of reminder for me that summer is coming to a close and to start celebrating it more. T and I's schedules conflict a good deal in August, so I'm getting ready to embrace a lot of personal time to get stuff down and a vacation down the shore with my mom. Tons of projects on the to-do list, some in the works but unmotivated to finish. I need to really work on that.

I got a good deal of my goals completed last month, but still trying to work on setting some "fun" goals, as well as more serious ones.

  • Take camera out of the house more (& actually take photos).
  • Read, read, read.
  • Multiple farmer's market visits. As this is the last summer month, I need to get down their for some fantastic local produce.
  • Get my car washed. I literally haven't had my car washed professionally in years. It's something that I continue to put off and put off. It's weird.
  • Get this apartment together! I want the boxes gone, clutter away, slipcover finished, and art/photos hung!
  • Figure out T&I's daily routine. Even though we've been together for years, with both of us at fairly new jobs we still need to work out a few kinks.

Photo taken in Cape May last week.