This Week in Instagram.

We are counting down the days to the big move next Saturday. Pretty excited. Excited to be there and excited to be done with it. Moving is a lot of stress, fun stress, but still stress. Just trying to be on top of things.

One of my July goals is to celebrate the weekends. Last weekend we spent it painting all the projects we've been working on. Rug finished, litter box furniture thing not finished, then we got some drinks and delicious Mexican food. This weekend we will be down the shore. Just trying to remember to celebrate the little things.

Photos (starting top left going right):

Rug all taped off, My favorite way to spend a Saturday night (Mexican food, Tim, and a BlueMoon), Fixing my bicycle problem, Bike ride, Discovered a Krispy Kreme Donut in Benselam, Litter box all primed, Lemonade at the flea market, Moe's, Odd picture of Elvis that looks just like Dan Aykroyd, Naked chocolate cupcakes, Cute packaging, Abbey looking very regal, Abbey helping me move, Grapefruits for lunch, and my new camera bag with Jo Totes.