This Week in Instagram.

So this week was a bit chaotic and I've been neglecting this blog a bit with the move and unpacking and organizing. So far, everything has been really great and interesting. I love that my daily routine has been spiced up with going home to a new place, having to think out of the box to organize and finding more and more things to buy for this apartment.

We leave for vacation tonight and I'm hoping to have a lot more time next week to put out some great posts. Looking forward to it!

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Photos from left to right: Abbey after a tiring move, Tim putting together Ikea furniture, the knick knacks that still litter our counter top, Tim looking really great after having his hair thinned, my painted rug in its new home, Stickygrams came! (Review coming soon!), favorite Blowfish flats, fantastic list of craft projects I've been coming up with, Abbey, the most amazingly delicious crumb cake I've ever had!, Cool & The Mints at Bryn & Danes, Friday face.