Blog Love: An E-Course by A Beautiful Mess

Photo by A Beautiful MessI should start with a confession...I've wanted to start a blog for a long time. I followed several blogs (check out some of my favorites here) and received so many craft ideas, recipes, and decor ideas from blogs. I thought of them as a way to spark imagination and creativity, and read about other people all over the world who loved the same things as I did. I wanted to start a blog, a blog that may someday inspire someone to create something they loved, but I was worried I wouldn't have time to really commit to something good (and I above all wanted it to be good).

But then life moved on like it always does. I graduated and got a 9-5 job a few months later. I began to have more time and things began to feel regular and consistent. Tim and I were planning a big move to our first place together. So I decided it was time to commit and here I am.

I've been a pretty huge fan of A Beautiful Mess for several years, and when I discovered that Elsie offered an e-course for first time bloggers, I knew I wanted to take it. After reading the synopsis further, I knew it would be worth the small cost of the course for the amount of information I would receive. Elsie definitely did not disappoint.

After taking the course, I have to say the main thing I gained from it is confidence. Confidence that if I post quality posts with quality photographs, people will be interested and come back. Confidence that everyone has to start at the bottom and work their way up. I feel confident in the ways that I promote myself and this blog.

The e-course explains each facet of blogging, from writing quality content to photography to advertising, and is filled with her personal opinions and experiences. I found something noteworthy (I took a lot of notes) in each section and I now feel much more prepared to keep this thing going for a long and creative time. I feel like I have walked away from that e-course with a personal plan for my blog, something that will work for me. A plan to create a blog that I would want to read on a daily basis.

I can't recommend her e-course, Blog Love, enough and would encourage anyone who feels even the littlest bit confused about blogging to take it. It's worth the money and was a really lovely read for me.

Anyone else have any great resources for first time bloggers?

Photo by A Beautiful Mess