Top 12 of 2012

So, starting this blog has been an exciting new adventure for me (I'll be blogging about this subject later!) This has been an exciting year for me, and I am very gratefully for the life I currently have. Keeping up with this blog has been a challenge for me, but I do love it. Here are 12 of my favorite posts from 2012!

1. Still loving these framed photostrips that T and I have taken over the years. So happy that I've saved these and finally have a way to display them!

2. These snickerdoodles are so completely addicting. One of those things that you can't believe actually came out of your own oven. 

3. Our kitties are still enjoying the furniture piece that houses their litterbox. I'm so glad that T and I worked on this together.

4. For anyone looking for fantastic advice on blogging and getting your blog together, A Beautiful Mess offers this lovely e-course called Blog Love. I wrote a little review about it.

5. These applesauce cupcakes are amazing. Out of all the different cupcakes I make, these have to be my all-time fav.

6. As I start to get more and more into wine, I'm still loving these etched wine glasses. They aren't perfect, but I still love the effect.

7. Still loving some of the vintage items that have been given to me by our families. It's very exciting that we really use these things almost every day!

8. I love this Caturday photo!

9. This cranberry apple pie recipe really came together! A perfect dessert for breakfast!

10. I opened an Unusually Lovely Etsy Shop! Currently I have washi tape, wreaths, and wine glasses for sale and I'm hoping to list a bunch of different stuff in the new year.

11. Still loving these felt ornaments! Already thinking about who I can make them for next Christmas!

12. This was the first year that T and I decorated our first Christmas tree. It was such a lovely experience and I can't wait to spend more and more Christmases with this guy. :)