Dealing with Stress

I think that out of all the things that affect my life everyday, stress is the hardest thing for me. I love setting deadlines for myself, making lists, and getting stuff done. Crossing items off my to-do list is such a successful feeling for me, even if it's just sweeping the bedroom or paying a bill. But stress tends to creep up on me. I don't know it's there until I turn around and wham! stress-city. 

But stress also has it's positives. It pushes me to get things done, keeps me on my toes, and gets my mind turning. I like being busy and I like working in a slightly stressful environment, where things need to get done. 

As the first of the two craft shows inches closer, my apartment is starting to looks like it belongs to a hoarder and with it getting dark before I even leave work, taking photos for this blog post-work is no longer an option. As much as I've tried to get ahead of cleaning, this blog, the craft shows, and just general life, sometimes you just need to realize that you are over your head.

At this point you take a deep breath, watch some bad tv and an eat an entire bag of BBQ potato chips, and make a new list. You start over with fresh eyes. You get something done on your list that's less time consuming or takes less effort.

Or at least that's just me. :)

How do you deal with stress?