Best of November

November held some warm fall days, and our first semi-major snow. The whole month feels like a blur to tell you the truth, and when I look back on it I only think about a few things.

Purchased my first major furniture piece. Rediscovered my love for tea. Learned to like wine. Thanksgiving. First craft show. New TV. Winter. Etsy orders. I feel like that sums up my November nicely.

Here are a couple of my favorite posts from November:

I put together a little post about dealing with stress. With craft show number 2 coming up, it's starting to get a little stressful up in here again. Nothing I can't handle though!

I successfully made it through my first craft show selling handmade items! And actually made a little money! As silly as it is, I've wanted to sell handmade stuff for so long and never thought I could do it, never thought anyone would want what I make it. And I'm truly glad I've come this far... Here are some of the things I've learned from craft show numer1.

Baking has very much become a hobby of mine, and I've realized this month that I need to be baking more pies. Super simple, and I love them. More than anything else I bake (I rarely eat cupcakes, except applesauce, yum). And those pumpkin seeds, also easy and satisfying. 

And that's it. That's my November. As much as I dislike the winter cold, I do love Christmastime and with this being the first Christmas that T&I are living together, expect quite a bit of holiday love on this blog. I'm excited to decorate! (Just need to buy/thrift some decorations...)