Create a Yarn and Felt Wreath

It's fall! And I'm adding little bits and pieces to make our apartment feel like fall as much inside as it does outside. I bought some pumpkins and a few Halloween decorations to spice our apartment us a bit. One of the things I wanted to put together was a wreath for our front door. Pretty easy, here's how it went... 

Start with yarn and a styrofoam wreath form. Tied the yarn around the wreath and then start wrapping. 

Keep it rather taught and just sit back and keep wrapping. I suggest putting on a marathon of a crime shows or Harry Potter. When you've made it all the way around, tied the end to the beginning end. Set aside.

To make the felt flowers, use different size glasses and bowls to trace circles.

For the medium sized ones, I used a small dessert cup. Trace the circle and cut it out.

Cut the circle into a spiral, doesn't have to be perfect. I actually like them better when it's not perfect. Starting from the outside roll the spiral up like a cinnamon bun. Once it's all the way up, use hot glue to hold together the outside most layer and center. 

Make a whole bunch of little flowers! To make the leaves, just create leave-shaped pieces from felt and glue on of the points to curve the leaves.

Arrange the flowers on the wreath, secure with hot glue. I messed around with the placement a bit before gluing and just went for it. 

There she is! What kind of fall decor have you been making? Anything fun?